Editing route

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Editing route is a simple process and is part of daily operation. You can edit the route at any time, even while the driver is already En route.

Finding the route to edit

To edit the route navigate to routes section, or find it via Global search.

To show the route on the map simply click on the route card. To see the requests that are part of the route click expand button. To edit the route click the 3 dots on the route card

Changing the requests sequence

Simply drag the request card to modify the sequence on the route.

Removing the request from route

Click the remove button to remove the request from route.

Once the request is removed from route the status will change to New request

Adding the request to route

Adding the request to a new route as well as to the existing route is described in detail in this tutorial.

Changing route shuttle

Customers get notified which shuttle vehicle they are taking.

Select the correct route shuttle from the dropdown.

Creating new shuttles is very quick and can be done at any time.

Changing route driver

When the driver is assigned to the route, they will see the route once they are logged in the driver app. Customers are notified about who will be their driver.

It is important to select the correct driver for the route

Select the correct driver from the dropdown.

If additional driver is required, the driver profile can be easily created following this tutorial.

Updated on June 6, 2019

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